Instructor Spotlight: Christina!

Christina is a very special member of our team! Originally from Ottawa where she began her pole instructor journey, she brings a lot of insight and clever tricks to her classes and has a lovely way of sharing with students! She is quite the athletic little pole bunny and is not afraid to test out new things!! Christina’s smile is so contagious and her dance style is silky smooth contemporary classic. She brings the strength and art world of dance together perfectly and her take on new and interesting pole moves is refreshing and inspiring. A true dancer at heart.

**EDIT** Christina has decided to move away from Toronto so she no longer teaches at UV. Keep an eye out on our schedule for workshops when she visits! We miss her and will always consider her part of the team. 

Name/nickname: Christina

What is your profession? Public Health Specialist

What got you into pole dancing? I danced a lot in high school and I wanted to try pole as an avenue to keep dancing and to stay fit.

What makes you passionate about pole? It’s versatility! I love that pole can be whatever you want it to be. Some days I may be working on strong athletic tricks, and other days I might be free styling in heels. Pole suits every mood and style.

 What do you love sharing with your students? I love inspiring and helping students to find their own style, and to achieve their #polegoals. There is nothing more fulfilling as an instructor than a student’s excitement from nailing a simple static spin or handspringing for the first time.

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) A barefoot lyrical/contemporary freestyle in a bodysuit <3

What is your fav pole move? Ayeshas and Shoulder mounts!

What is your fav grip aid? Dry hands 100%!

Fav brand of pole shorts? Mika Yoga Wear and Pole Hearted

Heels or no? I’m a barefoot gal, but I do like to bust out my pleasers from time to time ;)

Christina is the cutest bum on the bottom left.&nbsp;

Christina is the cutest bum on the bottom left. 

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