Instructor Spotlight: Christine!

Christine is our unsung hero and a real hidden gem! She wandered into UV a couple years ago, and although she is quiet, she packs a real punch! This chick is strong and knowledgeable both on and off the pole! She recently started teaching an intermediate level choreo class where her inner dancer really gets to shine. Christine takes her training seriously, taking workshops and classes any chance she can get. You know you will get the best possible care and attention in all her classes. Catch her at Eglinton on Mondays teaching Revo and Beginner Handstands, and on Fridays at Carlaw teaching Spins and Beginner Handstands on the east side.

Name/nickname: Christine

What is your profession? Marketing Finance Manager

What got you into pole dancing? I took gymnastics and dance when I was kid, but I stopped when I was a teenager. As an adult I was looking to get active again, but I did not enjoy going to the gym. I happened upon pole and I was hooked!

What makes you passionate about pole? I love that it can be anything you want or need it to be! It combines the strength and power of gymnastics and the sensuality of dance. If you want to be sexy, embrace it! If you feel like working your tricks, awesome! I love that you adapt your pole journey to fit you.

What do you love sharing with your students? I love breaking down moves and providing tips and tricks to getting a move. I love sharing in students’ ‘Ah-ha’ moments or when they get a trick! I love being a part of their pole journey and see them succeed and get stronger. I also feel grateful to be able to share my choreo. I love experimenting with styles, music, and movement and it’s amazing that I get to share that.

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) It depends on the day! Often a hot outfit and dancing out it out to my fav rock songs.

What is your fav pole move? Ayesha (+all the variations)! It was a goal move and it just makes me feel so strong!

What is your fav grip aid? Dry Hands on brass, Dew Point on chrome


Christine is balancing like a champ! 

Christine is balancing like a champ! 

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