Instructor Spotlight: Czarina!

Czarina is a longtime instructor and dear friend of our owner, Elisa! Czarina was teaching almost 10 years ago when Elisa wandered over to checkout some downtown pole studios. Czarina embodies everything you imagine the perfect yoga instructor to be: calm, efficient, knowledgeable, strong and flexible! Her yoga based strength classes will have you moving through exercises you never thought your body would be able to do. All who attend Czarina’s classes usually fall in love! They are almost always full, so grab a spot as soon as you can! You can catch her on the east side on Mondays teaching her signature Strength and Flexibility class and Fusion (intermediate level pole fitness) and on Wednesdays at Eglinton running practice and Strength and Flexibility! She can’t wait to see you in class.

Name/nickname: Czarina

What is your profession? Yoga teacher

What got you into pole dancing? My yoga teacher introduced me to it! I did a small class with a few other yoga instructors at her loft, from then on I was hooked!

What makes you passionate about pole? It challenges me so much.  My body was so conditioned to doing only one kind of movement.  I enjoyed being able to do a different discipline with a whole different skill set.  It really started to allow me to branch out to learn other forms of movement.

What do you love sharing with your students?  My trials and tribulations loll.  I share with them the knowledge that I have learned over the years the mistakes that I made and how I overcame them, the struggles that I still have, I just love to share the idea of movement in general. 

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc)  Dancing when there is no one else around :)

What is your fav pole move? Anything involving handstand and the pole!

What is your fav grip aid? Grrrrip

Fav brand of pole shorts? lulu

Heels or no? Nope :)

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