Instructor Spotlight: Elizabeth!

Our lovely Elizabeth is a new Basics and Exotic instructor who has a long list of skills to share with her students! Her flexibility, flow and choreo talents are just a few you can enjoy from her classes. She has a really soft energy and a lovely way of sharing pole skills and tips with her students. This babe loves performing and usually graces the stage at our showcases and beyond; competing, and taking the stage around the city. Her pole story is enlightening and makes you want to fall in love with pole all over again-or for the very first time! Read on to find out more about this Violet, and catch her at UV Carlaw on Saturdays teaching Pole Basics and running practice.

Name/nickname: Elizabeth/Egg

What is your profession? Editing and Communications, Diversity & Inclusion

What got you into pole dancing? Groupon

What makes you passionate about pole? Pole started off as a way for me to heal. About 1.5 yrs ago, pole was what got me out of the house when I was severely depressed. I found routine and strength in pole (the fact that I could nurture this side of athleticism was completely foreign because I never thought of myself as a sports person, no less an active person lol). It helped me connect to my body in a loving way (my disordered eating and body image improved along the journey). Now, pole has become a significant part of how I find joy in my body and myself, and I’m just happy to share the many things I’ve learnt from everybody else.  

What do you love sharing with your students? The small details in executing a movement—it’s important to continually revisit the basics/foundational movements because with mastery comes creativity! I like to share the tips and tricks I’ve learnt from other instructors who are really great at breaking down the elements of a trick or spin. Transitions as well, because flow is basis for the musicality and artistry of pole.

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) Intentionality. Embodiment. Sensual music. Elongated lines. Lace. Leather. Cut-outs.

What is your fav pole move? I like any kind of split move. No-handed jade?

What is your fav grip aid? To be honest, I try to train as much as I can without grip to develop that grip strength. I’ve only ever used Dry Hands.

Fav brand of pole shorts? Most of my pole wear isn’t pole-specific. MilaKrasna and Vekker LA have super pretty but expensive shorts, which I currently do not but will hopefully one day own.

Heels or no? Both. But also, who doesn’t love a pair of 10” heels?

Beautiful blonde on the left.

Beautiful blonde on the left.

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