Pole Studio Golden Rules

Pole Fitness is different from many other genres of dance and fitness because we draw out deep emotions, innate desires and ignite self-confidence in our sensual form of movement and motion. Pole fitness is a medley of aerial poses and base work. This ground apparatus has made foundational acrobatics and dance accessible to the average fitness seeker via conditioning, stretching, and improving coordination in our classes and workshops. UV is a welcoming studio of all identities and orientations, united by one love: dance! We support a warm, welcoming environment, encouraging all to dig deep and ignite the spark of creative movement inside. In order to maintain the integrity of our community we have some golden rules for all to abide by! Read on to join the ‘hood of open-minded positivity.

Golden Rule 1


Our first priority is safety. Pay attention to your surroundings, and respect the space and equipment. Do not try any new moves without assistance from a UV instructor. Do not attempt to alter the equipment and please respect instructions from staff.

Golden Rule 2

Treat others with respect

UV welcomes people of all denominations and orientations. Please respect those around you in our safe space where people are free to express themselves artistically. Be sure to always encourage your peers. Negativity or gossip is no benefit to anyone, so please refrain from partaking.  

Golden Rule 3


Take this rule with you wherever you go! Eat healthy, drink water, get ample rest and do you! Remember the importance of personal hygiene! Use deodorant and bring a towel for yourself if need be. The benefits to pole and aerial fitness are limitless, but they take a bit of a commitment from you to maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle. 

Golden Rule 4

Treat the studio with respect

This studio was created for you. A portion of your hard-earned dollars spent on pole classes are allotted for studio upkeep and maintenance. Help us keep your studio a cozy and happy place by putting away equipment/supplies after use, refraining from making a mess, and cleaning up after yourself if you eat in the studio to name a few. Remember that this space is yours and we work hard to keep it clean. Be sure to leave it in the state you would want to find it in.  

Golden Rule 5

Share the space

Please be respectful of others around you. Be sure to inform others if you are filming yourself, remember that no equipment or supplies belong to any one person, and maintain a respectful attitude in group classes and busy settings.

Golden Rule 6

Listen to your instructor

Always listen to the instructor on duty! Your instructor has your best interests in mind and works hard to bring you amazing classes and content. Their main priority is safety. Often, instructors have to consider concerns clients may not recognize. Always respect their directions and understand that they are for your own good!


We look forward to sharing our space with you! Can’t wait to see you in class. xo

Some of our talented team of instructors.

Some of our talented team of instructors.