Instructor Spotlight: Michelle!

We welcomed Michelle to our team only a few months ago but she is already an important part of our aerial program! This babe is a very hard worker who fell in love with two very different apparatuses and ended up opting for teaching hoop to continue her journey in the air. Michelle has a lovely calm disposition and will just as hard as her students in class to make sure you achieve your fitness and aerial goals. We are proud to have such a supportive and dedicated instructor on our team. You can catch Michelle teaching Beginner 1 Lyra and Aerial dance on Saturdays, and All-Level Lyra and pole practice on Sunday mornings, both at UV Carlaw! Join one of her classes and learn to fly.

Name/nickname: Michelle / Che, Shelley, Mickey

What is your profession? I am a Lab Research Project Coordinator at The Hospital for Sick Children. In short, I am scientific researcher.

What got you into pole dancing? I was looking for a new, fun way to workout/get fit and I had a whole month off in between finishing grad school and starting my current job. So, I signed up for an intro month offer at a pole studio. Almost quit after the first class, but I’m glad I went back. I quickly got obsessed with pole and shortly after, also with lyra!

What makes you passionate about pole? I love that with pole and aerial fitness there is no limit to your progress and to the goals that you can set for yourself. There will always be more strength, flexy, power, etc moves/sequences to obtain and master and you can always aspire to be a better poler/aerialist. That desire to “be better than you were” fuels my addiction!

What do you love sharing with your students? I love sharing my students’ progress and goals. There’s nothing more satisfying than the look on a student’s face when they first nail a move that they have been working so hard on!

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) Being strong, fit and healthy makes me feel sexy

What is your fav pole move? Any moves that require a good knee/leg/thigh grip! Also, shoulder mounts!

What is your fav grip aid? Tite grip and Dry hands

Fav brand of pole shorts? No particular favorite but I love anything high-waisted!

Heels or no? Usually no heels. On rare occasions, or when the mood strikes, or for photoshoots, or if I just feel like heel clacking, I’ll put on some heels and dance it out!

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