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The ending of a beginner spin: the backwards spin! 

The ending of a beginner spin: the backwards spin! 

Ultra Violet Pole Fitness is a pole dance and aerial fitness studio! We specialize in beginner to advanced pole fitness training, aerial fitness, sensual movement, and artistic strength. This means that there is something for every type of pole dancer/aerialist out there from ultra sexy floor work in 8 inch heels, to dead lifts, drops and acrobatic feats on and off the equipment (also in 8 inch heels if you wish). Interested in trying pole but not sure if it’s for you?? Read on and be sure to leave a comment so we can chat more!


Can anyone try a class?

Absolutely. There are no prerequisites required for Pole Basics! We run several other all-level classes and are happy to offer these to our students:

·      Pole Basics (level 1)

·      Exotic Elements (sensual movement in heels)

·      Strength and Flexibility (yoga based conditioning and mobility)

·      Beginner and all-level Lyra (aerial hoop class)

·      Beginner silks (aerial class)

·      Flexibility

·      Dance Conditioning (a class that will focus on mobility and agility to improve coordination and strength)

·      Floor Work (sensual movement off the pole)

·      Twerk Fusion (a booty shaker!)

·      Chair Dance (sensual and lyrical/contemporary movement!)


What does a class entail? What will be we doing in class?

Each pole/aerial class is an hour long and consists of several main components: warm-up, conditioning, tricks, spins, sequences, cool down, stretch, and sometimes more. You will be working on building strength so you can engage the correct muscle groups to lift your own body weight. Absolutely NO experience is required! You don’t need to go to the gym or weight lift in order to do well in class. We will provide all the necessary tips and tools to get you moving and lifting in no time. Pole Basics is our level 1 class and will work agility, coordination, mobility and strength. Our aerial classes are currently all level, except for Intermediate hoop.


What are some of the benefits of pole dance?

Where do I begin? Let’s start with the health benefits. Most of our clients live fairly sedentary lives, sitting all day for their jobs with little physical activity. While we may not work cardio the same way you would on the treadmill, weight-bearing exercise is crucial to healthy bodies. We always work endurance and movement in our choreography classes, which can be a nice alternative to cardio! Our instructors are trained in safety and very qualified to help you maintain proper form and avoid injury. While we have made pole accessible to all, we must still respect that it is an acrobatic exercise that consists of dynamic and sometimes difficult movement. You must remain alert and aware of your body position and immediate surroundings in every class.

One of the main attractors is the emotional health benefit of pole. This freeing art form encourages a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. UV gives a warm welcome to all who inquire about classes. We care about our community and are happy to add a personal touch to your experience. The need to step away from “real life”, work on improving physical and mental health, is major. You must always take care of yourself before others! Pole fitness will offer you much of that and more! Eventually it will become a big part of your life and we will be seeing quite a lot of you, we can’t wait.

A personal message about my physical experience with pole dancing:

“Pole fitness has definitely helped me tone up. I was always a person of relatively small size, but I noticed muscle definition, increased energy levels, posture correction, core strength, and flexibility increase within just a few weeks of starting classes. Posture was a huge one for me and I notice a lot less pain in my neck and back than before I started.

There is also the social benefit! I’ve met some lovely people via teaching and running a studio and I meet more every single day. It is really an amazing community of like-minded people who enjoy the more sensual side of dance and acrobatic side of working out. When are you starting?


What do I need to bring to class?

You will need to wear shorts and a comfortable, form-fitting shirt that allows plenty of movement. Shorts are necessary, as your skin will help you stick to the pole in climbs and sitting positions. Always bring a bottle of water with you, and come ready to learn! You are more than welcome to bring a training log to take notes and we encourage it.

For aerial classes, please refrain from wearing jewelry, zippers, buttons, drawstrings, loose or baggy clothing, hoods, or any other hard item that may be attached to your clothing. These may tear at the equipment or your skin. A leotard and tights is recommended, however, form-fitting clothing that is comfortable is fine!


Why should I go to UV?

Here at UV, we take a lot of pride in our community. We offer support, a non-judgmental environment, and welcome everyone. We care about our clients. At UV we want to take the time to assist you with working towards your personal fitness goals and enjoying the journey towards your goal. Ensuring your exceptional experience and your safety are our top priorities. We are excited to be a part of your journey.

UV offers quite a unique class experience. Our carefully constructed curriculum is designed to build the fundamentals skills to becoming a safe and strong pole dancer. Conditioning takes place at every class to improve your strength and build agility, along with flexibility training to encourage ease of mobility and prevent muscle soreness. Strength and flexibility are your main comrades when perfecting your movement, with proper form, a safe mindset, and attention to detail being the next level of foundation in terms of building skills and injury prevention. Artistic flow and clean lines will complete your movement and top off all of your skills.

Come and dance your way into a fit and healthy lifestyle!

Ready to begin? Check out our schedule here.

More questions? Please contact us.

UVPF has two convenient locations in Uptown Toronto and Leslieville. We are always dreaming up ways to improve our current spaces and expand to offer you even more.

#teamuv out on the streets!

#teamuv out on the streets!

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