Instructor Spotlight: JLau!

Jen is a relatively new addition to #teamuv. Her energetic nature and direct instructions make her classes fun and informative. She delights in dancing in the erotic style and carries it well through her movement. She is definitely a no-nonsense kinda gal! You can find her on Tuesdays at UV Eglinton teaching Inversions and Flexibility. She has great stretching tips for all and is incredibly bendy! She is somewhat of a pole unicorn and has great body awareness and an awesome foundation of strength to help her learn new crazy tricks so she can pass them on to you. You can catch her at Eglinton teaching Inversions at 8:10pm and Flexibility at 9:15pm! She is one of our rotating pro instructors at Eglinton so keep an eye on our sched to see when she will be teaching advanced classes next!

Read on to find out more about Jen! 

Name/nickname: jlau

What is your profession? Product development and design assistant

What got you into pole dancing? Friend who wanted to practice teaching pole dancing

What makes you passionate about pole? It is a physical and creative outlet for my many emotions and ideas

What do you love sharing with your students? My fitness/flexibility journey; I love inspiring those who think they’ll never get where I am. And my journey isn’t even close to finished! I started everything from scratch, and truly believe everyone has more potential than they give themselves credit for. I try to draw that out of them every class by coming up with challenging content that is within their reach.

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) The Weeknd, thigh high socks, teeny tiny shorts, and my hair down in messy waves

What is your fav pole move? Iron-X

What is your fav grip aid? Prince, when I can get my hands on them

Fav brand of pole shorts? Polehearted, of course!

Heels or no? Yes!

#teamuv   Jen is pink sports bra standing on the box. 


Jen is pink sports bra standing on the box. 

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