Instructor Spotlight: Maryana!

Your students want to hear from you! Tell us why you love pole and what makes you feel sexy.

Where do I begin with this babe! Maryana is our resident heel clacker, specializing in clacks of all volumes and heels of all sizes! Her choreo is fire and you can watch her creative movement at all our showcases because she is always the first to sign up to perform! She is entertaining on stage and you can definitely tell she is at home up there. Her lovely demeanour and support of her Violets are some of the things we love about her! She will totally be that stage mom cheering you on from the sides no matter what. This babe is a new instructor at UV but is already causing quite a stir with her “fleur work” (floor work) classes on Thursdays at 9:15pm at UV Eglinton. She also teaches a Basics class on Thursdays right before fleur at 8:10pm. Come and play, bring your heels or dance in your socks! Just make sure to bring your fire.

Name/nickname: Maryana aka Marley

What is your profession? Oh boy!  I am a theatre professional, specializing in event management, front of house, and box office operations.

What got you into pole dancing? Me.  I decided to treat myself on Thanksgiving of 2015.  It ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, and I haven’t looked back since. 

Oh, and I saw a gif of a kitten on a pole, and I was like “same”.

What makes you passionate about pole? It only brings out the best in me: creativity, kindness, patience, and, of course, muscles.  Pole is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and it makes me feel powerful, like a badass assassin with her own fashion channel.  And as a happy bonus, pole helped me on my journey to better mental health.

What do you love sharing with your students? The little details and the small things.  Tricks are amazing, but character, presence, and connection are phenomenal.  Eyelash batting, hair flipping, finger tapping goodness.  Mm-mm.

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) Music: heavy metal, rap, and trap

Clothing: tiny shorts and a bra, thigh highs, and a loose top…  oh, and KNEEPADS!  Gotta protect ‘em wibbly wobbly knees

Mood: sunset, curtains open, LEDs on, lights dimmed, favourite Spotify playlist on

What is your fav pole move? Marley: always and forever.

What is your fav grip aid? Determination.  And Dry Hands.

Fav brand of pole shorts? Bad Kitty Brazils, Bad Kitty Itsy Bitsy Bottoms, PoleHearted (love you, JLau), random bikini bottoms.

Heels or no? I tag team between 3: #teamboots, #teamclearheels, and #teamsocks

Maryana is the one praying for your soul in the middle. <3

Maryana is the one praying for your soul in the middle. <3

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