Instructor Spotlight: Miscia!

You probably already know Miscia because she is everyone's friend! She is hooked on pole and can be found hanging out at either UV location with her pole sisters on any given day. Her bubbly energy spills over to improve the moods of all those around her. Her attention to detail and informative teaching style are incredibly helpful and work well with students of all levels. Miscia is also special because she is very real-you won't find sugar-coating from this babe! She loves performing and is a vet on the stage and in choreo classes. Find her teaching Pole Flow for all levels on Mondays at 6pm at UV Carlaw! Keep an eye out for her workshops as well. xo

Meet our girl and gain some of her helpful tips!

Name/nickname: Miscia

What is your profession? – Corporate Strategy

What got you into pole dancing? – A bucket list item

What makes you passionate about pole? – Empowerment: through pole I’ve achieved skills I never thought I could, and began to appreciate my body for what it can do rather than what it looks like. Everyone deserves that feeling.

What do you love sharing with your students? – Tips and tricks to refine your movement. Two people can perform the exact same routine and look entirely different – the devil is in the details when it comes to a beautifully executive movement. It’s not just about brute strength because let’s be honest – at the advanced levels everyone is strong knows the tricks. The moments in between is what ultimately defines a dancer who is beautiful to watch. Mastering and refining these transitions is a life-long journey.

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) – Being in the zone. Everything starts in your head.

What is your fav grip aid? – A warm day on a chrome pole. Real talk though: grip works differently on everyone depending on your body type so I encourage trial and error. Dry Hands is most people’s top choice and worth the investment especially for beginners who are starting to venture into more advanced movements.

Heels or no? BOTH! They’re essentially different dance forms; each with different possibilities for expression. Sometimes experienced dancers lean towards one or the other, but you’d be remiss if you didn’t train both!

Miscia is laying pretty bottom right. 

Miscia is laying pretty bottom right. 

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