Instructor Spotlight: Mary-Margaret!

Mary-Margaret is a circus professional with experience on many different apparatus! Her first love was trapeze, but she is also known to dabble on silks, hoop, lollipop and with her new position at UV, pole! She listed “Circus Performer” as her profession, but she is so much more than that, with experience in management, choreography, act and show invention, and more. Mary-Margaret is an artist at heart with a big vision for creativity. She is a tough coach and her students love her for that. She will always push you to progress in a safe way so you can flourish as a dancer and aerialist. You can catch Mary-Margaret teaching Intermediate and Beginner 2 Lyra every Friday evening, along with covering pole practice beforehand. Keep an eye out for her covering for Conditioning, Handstands and Flexibility as well!


Name/nickname: Mary-Margaret Scrimger


What is your profession? Circus performer and editor/writer


What got you into pole dancing? I got into circus on a fluke. A coworker recommended that I try circus over ten years ago. 


What makes you passionate about pole? The creativity, the community. 


What do you love sharing with your students? EVERYTHING! I see the coach student relationship as a sharing process. They influence me as much as I influence them


What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) Confidence


What is your fav pole move? Forever cartwheel on trapeze


What is your fav grip aid? Chalk

Fav brand of pole shorts? None 

Heels or no? No

MM just chilling! Another day in the office!

MM just chilling! Another day in the office!

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