Instructor Spotlight: Vee!

A big welcome to our team and community, Vee! This lovely dancer has such big dreams and visions, and works crazy hard to make them a reality. In just the few years we have known her, she has won a competition and become an experienced and talented dancer. Vee has a lot of tips and tricks to pass on, and her fun, upbeat disposition will keep you coming back for more! Vee loves her students and her pole-mates and you can really see how supportive she is when watching her work with students! It really is about the details, and all those little things add up to make a well-rounded dancer. Catch Vee teaching at Carlaw on Tuesdays. Flexibility, Revo 2 and Advanced Tricks and Transitions! She has something for everyone.


Name/nickname: Vee!! :)


What is your profession? I'm a Senior Manager in IT Internal Audit 


What got you into pole dancing?  Life.... needing a change.... needing something exciting and active to break my all-day-at-the-office routine... but really, a good friend of mine and I just decided to try it one day, and when I saw the advanced class freestyle taking place before my ultra-newbie class started, I got immediately hooked. Didn't even need to try it. I just remember thinking "wow!!! That's like the circus!! I wanna do THAT!! I'm in!"


What makes you passionate about pole? I think it's the only sport I've ever been good at, that makes me feel alive every day, and that has made me see my body change in such an amazing way. Generally, I think seeing how every week when you come back, you're stronger and can achieve something new... and how resilient you become, from never  giving up ever! It makes you feel constantly inspired and wanting to just... experience more and more of it. I also grew up training classical dance, and always wanted to run away with the circus or do gymnastics (but never did)... so pole has been the perfect lovechild of both those things from my past.


What do you love sharing with your students?  For me, it really is all about sharing what I know. All of it... because sharing is caring! and I wouldn't even be an instructor if I wasn't passionate about that. But specifically to pole... the devil is in the details. Proper technique is my first priority, and there will not be class in which you don't hear me yell at someone to "point those toooeeessss!!!" (if you've been in my class, you're probably giggling as you read this.... ya know it's true!!!). It's the proper muscle engagement, proper flexibility acquirement, strength conditioning, smoothness of transitions... and the use of proper form. Always proper form, and making sure I explain to my students where I see they are not doing something correctly, and what to do to fix it. I like breaking down movement into progressions, so I always see them taking something new they've learned with them. I am fascinated by those "aha!!" moments in my students eyes, when it just.... clicks! 


What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing, etc) I think, generally, confidence is sexy. When you watch someone who feels confident in themselves, and  who loves living life in their own skin... they'll immediately be a sexy individual. So in the context of your question, I feel most confident just by being my own silly-nilly self sometimes, and by enjoying life, movement, and all that this beautiful sport has given me.


What is your fav pole move? Pppfffff this is definitely a tough one. There are so many!! but if I haaaave to pick....... one of my favourite spin pole moves would be the Titanic.... but I think, in general, I really like anything back bendy and where I can really extend my body and make good use of my height!


What is your fav grip aid? Oh my..... My favourite grip aid is no grip aid. Seriously. If it weren't for the bloody cold and very dry winters in this city, I would tell people to not use any grip aid other than (maybe) on your hands and tiny little bits where you reaaaally need it for a move. It makes you much more stronger and able to control your movement when you don't add much to your skin. I always try to go without, but most of the time, the weather doesn't help and I can't. Soooo... in that case, I need and can only use Girlie Grip for my hands. I'll also sometimes use Tite Grip as an antiperspirant for my sweaty palms and feet, and either the Body Shop Body Sorbet or Dew Point for my body. When it's absolutely necessary (like during last winter which is ridiculous), I apply very little bits of iTac on my body as well.


Fav brand of pole shorts? Ok so, for pole bras and leggings, MICHI NY! They're beautiful and the BEST quality. If you want to try them out, use code "TEAM_VERONICA_ARREAZA" online for a discount.... which you will probably want to use as the product can sometimes be a bit pricey. My second favourite is DRAGONFLY BRAND! Hands down. No questions asked. Otherwise, Mika and Bad Kitty. 


Heels or no? I love the look of them, but can't walk in them to save my life. It's only very few times I wear them... like, very... very.... few.... so I guess I have to say I'll pass on this one!

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