Instructor Spotlight: Tahnee!

Introducing miss Tata Gabor! This babe is an avid performer and is ready for anything. Tahnee is everyone’s friend and is such a sociable and supportive babe to all her friends and students. It’s a surprise that UV is the first studio she has taught at-Tahnee is great in front of a group and has a solid understanding of acrobatic and movement fundamentals. Her specialty is what we like to call “strong sexy flow”, a combo of sensual movement, strength and connectivity. Catch this girl drifting from pole performance at a small venue to the biggest club in the city! Tata teaches on Thursdays at UV Eglinton: her lovely choreo in Pole Flow and Inversions/Fusion mixed-level class!



What is your profession?

Digital Marketer, Costume Producer, Costume/Wardrobe Stylist in film

What got you into pole dancing?

Took a beginner 10-week class at Flirty Girl Fitness in 2005 for fun with a couple of girlfriends. I was more into dance at that time until 2010 when I discovered aerial circus arts and did that for a few years. Then I went back to school and couldn't afford training. But when I was somewhat able to afford to train again, I walked into a pole studio and their intro offer was in my budget so I signed up. The rest is history.

What makes you passionate about pole?

I love the variety! All the different forms and ways to express yourself, from super athletic/acrobatic to ultra sexy/sultry to lyrical/contemporary. The problem-solving of tricks as well as the creation of new tricks and combos being created all the time. And meeting people from completely different walks of life, all over the world, because of our love for pole

What do you love sharing with your students?

I love trying to innovate and teach new ways of combo-ing pole tricks. I also really enjoy teaching choreography.

What makes you feel sexy? (Mood, music, clothing etc)

Being in shape and active makes me feel sexy.  

What is your favorite pole move?

Anything showcasing flexibility or flips and drops. 

What is your favourite grip aid?

Dry hands with a touch of shaving gel.

Favourite brand of pole shorts?

I don't really have a favourite brand. I tend to use bathing suit bottoms.

Heels or no?

Depends on my mood and the type of choreo.


Tata and Angie chillin' #uvwildflowers 

Tata and Angie chillin' #uvwildflowers 

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