Frequently Asked Questions


What do I wear?

Fitted workout clothing allowing for freedom of movement. Shorts are recommended for all pole classes as you will need bare skin along the knees, shins, and upper thighs to grip the pole. You will be in socks or bare foot for class. You are allowed to bring indoor heels. Please do not apply oil-based lotion before class as this will make the pole slippery.

Tights or pants may be acceptable for choreo classes on the pole. Please contact your instructor to confirm.


Do you have to be in shape to pole dance?

No! Pole dancing is for people of all different fitness backgrounds, especially those with no fitness experience at all. The classes are designed to help students gain strength and body awareness. We recommend consulting your physician before starting a new fitness program if you are unsure.


Who can attend a pole dance class?

We welcome people of all ages and sizes and encourage everyone to have fun while getting fit no matter their age or size. Our staff is great at accommodating each individual and can easily make modifications to ensure safety.


Can I bring my friend, partner or children to watch the class?

No, we do not allow spectators as to ensure the comfort of all guests.


What happens if I show up late to class?

If you are more than 10 minutes late to class you will not be allowed to participate, as you will have missed the warm up which is a vital part of class.


Do I need to reserve my spot to attend class?

We strongly recommend that you reserve your spot as advanced registration will guarantee you a pole in class. If you choose to show up there is the possibility of the class being full and you may not be able to participate.


I am pregnant, can I still participate?

No, even if your doctor allows it we will not allow you to participate in classes or parties if you are pregnant.

I am shy to pole dance in a group setting, what are some other options?

It is normal to feel shy when you start a new endeavor, but once you come to a class and experience the positive and encouraging energy among the students we are sure you will have a great time and be at ease. If you are still hesitant, we recommend a private lesson to build up your confidence and get one on one support. 

Will I get injured?

As with any new sport there are risks. All of our instructors are trained to modify the lesson in order to meet your needs and we ask that you listen to their directions and expert advice.