Pole Intensive

Our Fall 2019 Intensive has been tentatively re-scheduled to January 2020. Details TBA

This intense program is designed to get you oriented with pole and something much more important: your body.


Pole Dance is a widespread form of fitness, self-discovery and as we like to refer to it, "self-love". UVPF is almost 5 years old and over the past few years we have created a curriculum built on foundational acrobatic moves, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Our instructors are all highly trained with extensive backgrounds in pole training, anatomy, and more. Since pole is multi-faceted this intensive is designed to cover all sides of this fitness form, leaving you with dance experience, a base repertoire, and technical training tools for you to use along your future fitness and dance journey.

This intensive is open to all! Fitness gurus and aerial acrobats alike can benefit from dipping their toe into the wonderful world of pole and all it offers for a taste of this sensual art form of vertical gymnastics.All levels of pole are welcome! We are keeping numbers low to accommodate all skill levels and encourage one on one time with the instructor. If you are looking for a jump start to your pole journey, a push to the next level of skill, or are searching for more motivation and inspiration along your journey, this program is perfect for you! We welcome all genders, identities and orientations and encourage all to participate.





Pole Foundations

Exotic Elements

Pole Conditioning


Pole Tricks

Strip Plastique

Floor Tricks



Pole Choreo

Heels 101

Pole Tricks in Heels

Spinning Pole

Pole Spins



elisa - pole intensive.png

Elisa Rosalia

Elisa has been obsessed with dance her whole life! She took her first pole class in 2008 and was immediately hooked. Pole offers a more athletic and complex concept to dance, without compromising the lovely lines and artistic movements found in other dance forms. It was everything she ever wanted! Since then she has trained consistently in pole and circus arts, focusing on the goal of performing and sharing this love with others. Now, Elisa owns two aerial and pole fitness studios in Toronto, and is proud to run UV Pole Fitness. She has created a unique curriculum that is one of the most efficient and safe ways to build strength and grace in this fabulous art form. She is a professional performer, on pole, aerial hoop and silks and lollipop lyra! She has completed extensive research on movement, mobility and aerial fitness, and cannot wait to share parts of her journey with you.


Angie Petrou

With a strong background in ballet and other dance styles such as (jazz,tap,ballroom) , it only made sense that Angie would love pole dancing! Add in sensual flow, sparkles, and exotic movement and she was hooked. Angie has a lot of love for her community and students, and loves sharing the best of pole choreo with her students. With a step further in attending acro,flexibility and balancing classes Angie is well equipped with useful tips and tricks that can be applied on and off the pole . Her recent completion of her Acrobatic Arts Teacher Training (Module 1) is a wonderful addition to her knowledge in spotting and helping her students achieve their goals. Angie is excited to be a part of our Intensive Pole Program and we can't wait to have her.

"I am very excited to be a part of your pole journey. Let's share the excitement,the accomplishments,the ups and downs, the emotions. Together we'll work on fundamental technique,extension and fluidity and we will discover what pole means to you.Remember, it can be anything you want it to be :) "

Christine - pole intensive.png

Christine Newland

Christine was looking to get back into her childhood loves: gymnastics and dance. She stumbled upon pole dancing and after trying it, she was hooked! She loves that it combines the power of gymnastics and the sensuality of dance. Christine has been pole dancing for over 5 years and is passionate about sharing her knowledge about pole and helping students achieve their goals!

“I am really excited to be a part of this intensive program to share my passion for pole and it's endless possibilities! Let's explore the different sides to pole and discover what you fall in love with!”

roccio - pole intensive.png

Rocio Castillo

Introduced to dance and gymnastics at a young age, Rocio focuses her classes (both in yoga and in pole) on releasing inhibition and creating movements that feel authentic to the dancer and how they express themselves.

Completing her Yoga Teacher Training in the jungles of Bali, Indonesia, Rocio brings with her the knowledge and understanding of mind/body connection, alignment, intuitive movement and finding safety in that movement.

As for pole, it was an instant love affair. UV became a second home where she learned from some of the best instructors in Toronto; later becoming an instructor herself.

Rocio’s classes are usually sprinkled with a little Latin flare, making her flows fun, flirty and sensual!

“I look forward to working with our lovely Violets in finding an authentic connection with the mind, body and spirit. Focusing on fundamental movements, alignment, flexibility and core engagement. “