Studio Etiquette

  • Please do not instruct your fellow students with current or new moves. This is an insurance violation and safety rule that everyone must abide by.

  • Only film when instructor allows. Video taping instructors while they are teaching is prohibited unless you have asked the instructor and they give permission to do so.

  • Please clean all studio equipment with disinfectant including crash mats, yoga mats and poles. 

  • If you are in a higher level dropping into a lower level class you must follow lower level material and the instructor.

  • Everyone should feel welcome and comfortable within the studio. Only positive words of encouragement allowed so please be kind to others and yourself.

  • Please do not touch or lean against mirrors.

  • Shoes must be removed at the door, no foot wear except for “indoor” shoes inside the studio.

  • Please arrive to class on time. Late-comers will miss our warm-up which is a crucial part of the fitness experience.